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Find Your Freedom


Hey there, I’m Jeff Huston, the 3D Money Guy.


3D Money Guy was developed & created with YOU in mind!


Jeff Huston currently owns and operates 6 very successful businesses, has won several National Achievement awards, has been a featured guest on podcasts, is a sought-after key note speaker and has presented at numerous conventions. He also has several publications in print, including the recent Amazon Bestseller “ Purpose, Passion, and Profit.”

The Guy is a Minnesota native, who resides in a small countryside community with his wife. Together they have two daughters & six granddaughters. 3D Money Guy plays a vital role in the community and actively serves at his local church. He also holds his pilot’s license and enjoys flying his small plane as much possible.


3D Money Guy is a not for profit platform dedicated to coaching and inspiring you on your journey towards FREEDOM!

MONEY freedom – TIME freedom – RELATIONSHIP freedom – PURPOSE freedom

No matter what your background, 3D Money Guy can help you find ways to grow your wisdom and enjoy freedom.  The goal of 3D Money Guy is to allow you to step into your future with confidence, security, and success.

Experiences from 40 years of wisdom-based learning are brought together here as a resource treasury for you.  This collection is accessible, fun to use, and easy to understand, so take a look around and sign up to be notified as more great information is added weekly.

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A seasoned life veteran once told me. “I lived my life 15 minutes ahead....If I could do it all over again, I'd be more present in the moment.” I was blown away by his words. I was 46 years old at the time, and I knew I was exactly like him. I was living my life 15 minutes ahead. I was accomplishing a lot, but I realized I was way better at “doing” than I was at “being.”

after pondering this for a few months, I designed and manufactured my own gratitude chip. On one side it says, “Be Present.” On the other side it says, “Be Grateful.”

Ten years have passed, and I still carry one. Every day! I keep it in my change pocket and it helps me to remember to slow down. I call it my gratitude chip because I’ve discovered that a grateful mindset helps me to stay present.

I’d be happy to send you one.