Freedom Gained by Wisdom

Experience a Greater Level of Freedom in Your Life

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I’ve always been intrigued with the story of King Solomon. When Solomon was asked, in a dream, to select one thing that he wanted God to grant him, Solomon chose wisdom. I was a young boy when I first heard the story of Solomon, and it made an impact on my life. I was so intrigued by his decision to pursue wisdom-based living above everything else, I also made a commitment to pursue wisdom in every area of my life.

Fast-forwarding four (plus) decades since I first made that commitment, I have come to value the freedom gained simply by pursuing wisdom. I haven’t always been “wise” but I have always pursued wisdom and in the past year or so, I felt the nudging on my heart to create a platform dedicated to sharing my experiences to coach and inspire others on their journey toward wisdom-based living. Thus was born the idea of 3D Money Guy.

The goal behind 3D Money Guy is to help people experience a greater level of freedom in every area of their lives by gaining wisdom. These are the four key areas I will be focusing on to help you achieve freedom gained by wisdom.

The Four Freedoms:

Freedom of Money: We all know money is not a worthy pursuit, but the truth is, wise use of money can lead us to freedom in other key areas of our lives. Whether you are utterly confused and don’t know where to start, or if you feel like you have a good handle on money but would love to grow your knowledge, “The Guy” strives to provide ways to raise your Financial IQ.

Freedom of Time: When you have freedom of money, you have freedom to spend time with the relationships that mean the most to you. Imagine, choosing what you can do with your time vs. following someone else’s agenda. That is freedom of time, my friend, and we will get you there!

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Freedom of Relationship: There are seasons in life and there are seasons in relationships. Often when someone is reaching the end of their life, their regret lies in the relationships they failed to invest in. When you have the freedom of money and time, it gives you the flexibility to invest in the relationships that have potential for the most growth.

Freedom of Purpose: When you have more freedom of money, time, and relationships you often have time to pursue your God-Given abilities. What drives you? What inspires you? When you have this freedom, you are able to pursue your purpose and truly fulfill what you were meant to do on this earth.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I want to share what I’ve learned and grow others with this wisdom. 3D Money Guy is designed to provide you with wisdom in many of life’s common setbacks, offer answers to tough questions, and allow you to step into the future with confidence, security, success and…more wisdom!

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About 3D Money Guy

Who is 3D Money Guy, what is this all about, and why should I care?


Who is the 3D Money Guy?

Let me start off by explaining who “The Guy” is not:  “The Guy” is not meant to be a pseudonym or a persona, but more like your go-to resource.  It’s like saying “I know a guy…”  While I (Jeff) am essentially behind this resource, it should be noted that the content here comes from both great men and great women. 


I helped people manage their finances for over 25 years as a financial advisor.  Over that time, I developed some unique strategies and ideas that have consistently proven to be effective.  An alternative investing company, which I co-own, is my most recent endeavor.  I’m excited about these strategies and want to share them with the world!  These strategies may often run against (or completely debunk) traditional financial planning models in the marketplace today, but don’t let that concern you.  The truth is, traditional financial planning doesn’t work for most people.


What’s this all about?

3D Money Guy is designed to be a resource of people, tools, strategies, and education to help you go further faster in your financial life. On our own we can only go so fast and so far. That’s why we look to experts who have done the research and know the field. You can try to do it alone, but you can only get so far. Or you can learn from people who have spent their lives learning about finance. Decades of experience, research, and knowledge, available in one place, for free, for everyone. That is what this is all about!

Why should I care?

Everyone in the financial world has an agenda when they give you financial advice. Usually it leads them to them making money or getting you on board with their program, which leads to them making more money. When I originally thought about starting 3D Money Guy, I held back because at the time I was still a financial advisor and knew I would have an agenda too.  But now?  I’m at a point in life where I don’t need the money, I don’t want fame or recognition, I just want to share what I’ve learned over a lifetime of wise financial living.

No agenda, no profit. Just free wisdom.